This is a curated exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland - from December 2016 - May 2017.
It is based on the theme 'After the Storm' and features timber that fell in the storms of 2012.
My feature piece - from sweet chestnut - is based around the idea of calming waters and ripples - and is in the form of a table. (look into the Facebook page around the end of October for how it...

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Once again, the Scottish Furniture Makers Association are lucky enough to have their annual exhibition at the RBGE. This is being followed up by another exhibition at The John Hope Gallery (of which more later). I'm up on the stand at Royal Botanic Gardens on Saturday 29th October, if you want to catch up with me in person. - all the makers take a turn at this - giving us a chance to explain to visitors just...

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Popping this entry in after the Show date. It's a great show - but oh what a wet day this year! That never seems to stop the enthusiasm of the visitors, the exhibitors and the organisers. Hats off to them all.